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My name is Sue. I live in Los Angeles. I like social justice and Hollywood Trends.
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I’m pretty sure that statistic is completely biased. This day in age interracial marriage is widely accept by many, and isn’t even a social issue to politicians.

(not so) ironically, support of equal marriage rights is often correlated with higher education attainment. and vice versa unfortunately..

I’m so sick of hearing mixed babies are the cutest… my son is absolutely adorable and me and my husband are both caucasian. Get a life Lola.

True colors? lol You don’t even know me. I deleted the comment because I wasn’t sure whether she was speaking directly to interacial babies… which is stupid. Think before you speak comes in handy in an area such as this.

Love Her or He, just say it loudly!

Don’t hesitate, baby, just you it!

Believe yourself, and action now!

THAT IS AWESOME! And adorable…

I did this last night, and my friends told me that I had too much time on my hands. So I drew a big clock on my hand and posted it to Facebook. :)