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If you look at the original Pocahontas you will know why they chose her. It’s not about who’s a good actress or not. Hell why not complain about Christina? I don’t believe she’s stood for any good causes lately. Other then that of getting drunk of course.

Actors and actresses of color don’t get a lot of good roles. That’s why the role of Pocahontas should go to a Native actor, though the movie is so steeped in stereotypes that it’s problematic anyway. Really, if you’re casting a role for a person of color, you should, you know, pick someone whose race matches. *obviously I know this isn’t real.

I dunno… I actually think Angelina Jolie is a pretty good choice here - in terms of an actress which resembles the cartoon - I actually thought that comparison was the most similar! But I agree christina aguilera’s look is entirely wrong for snow white.

Look at the picture with the intent it was made…pretty girls in pretty parts. They all look lovely. Take a pill people…this isn’t a very big deal in the scheme of things. Stop being offended and angry over little things.